COUMADIN FOR SALE, The following network is derived from data that I collected at the 2008 Republican National Convention in conjunction with Seth Masket, Joanne Miller, and Dara Strolovitch.  (Chelsea Carbary provided research assistance).  It reflects overlapping memberships by Republican delegates in interest groups and party organizations.Rep_IG_Net_Draft

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  • By Gruntled, July 12, 2009 @ 3:13 PM

    What a great chart! Do you have a legend of the abbreviations?

  • By Michael Heaney, July 12, 2009 @ 11:52 PM

    2ndAmFnd — 2nd Amendment Foundation
    ABA — American Bar Association
    ACC — ACC
    AConservU — American Conservative Union
    AIPAC — American Israel Pub. Aff. Comm.
    AirPilots — Air Line Pilots Association
    AKFRW — Alaska Fed. of Republican Women
    AKOutdoor — Alaska Outdoor Council
    AKRtLf — Alaska Right to Life
    AlliDefFnd — Alliance Defense Fund
    ALRepCou — Alabama Republican Council
    Am4FairTax — Americans for Fair Taxation
    AMA — American Medical Association
    AmCentLawJust — American Center for Law & Justice
    Amer4Prosp — Americans for Prosperity
    AmFamAsn — American Family Association
    AmLegion — American Legion
    Amnesty — Amnesty International
    AmSolut — American Solutions
    AntiImmig — Anti-Immigration
    ARFRW — Hempstead County, Arkansas Federation of Republican Women
    ARRepCom — Republican Party Arkansas Executive Committee
    ARRepCom-Hemp — Hempstead County, Arkansas Republican Committee
    ARRepCom-May — Mayflower, Arkansas Republican Committee
    ARRepCom-Union — Union County, Arkansas Republican Committee
    ARRepCom-Wash — Washington County, Arkansas Republican Committee
    Arts — Arts
    ARTuskClub — Arkansas Tusk Club
    AsianAmCoa — Asian American Coalition for Republican Party
    AZRepCom — Arizona Republican Committee
    AZRepCom-Coco — Coconino County, Arizona Republican Committee
    BarAssn-MA — Massachusetts Bar Association
    BaysideChar — Bayside, New York Charitable Organization
    BaysideChurch — Bayside, New York Church
    BaysideCiv — Bayside, New York Civic Organization
    BdElect-GA — Board of Elections (Conyers, GA)
    BigI — Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America
    BloomWomen — Bloomfield Republicans Women’s Club
    BooneChamber — Boone, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce
    BoyScouts — Boy Scouts of America
    BuyLocWomn-WA — Tacoma, WA “Buy Local, Think Global” Women’s Group
    Camp4Lib — Campaign for Liberty
    Camp4Lib-ElPaso — El Paso Campaign for Liberty Meetup Group
    CapitalFnd — Capital Foundation
    Cath4McCain — Catholics for McCain
    CathChar — Catholic Charities
    Cato — The Cato Institute
    CCM — CCM
    ChristConv — Christian Conservative
    Cit4BetGov — Citizens for Better Government
    Coa4ConsMaj — Coalition for a Conservative Majority
    COFRW — Colorado Federation of Republican Women
    CollegeReps — College Republicans
    ConcWmn4Am — Concerned Women for America
    ConcWmn4Am-TX — Concerned Women for America (Texas)
    CORepCom — Colorado Republican Committee
    DEFRW — Delaware Federation of Republican Women
    DERepCom — Delaware Republican Committee
    DetSportCong — Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress
    DucksUnl — Ducks Unlimited
    EagleForum — Eagle Forum
    Education — Education
    Elks — Elks
    EnergyRoots —
    Environment — Environmental Organizations
    FairTax — FairTax
    FarmBur — Farm Bureau
    FedSoc — Federalist Society
    Fem4Lf — Feminists for Life
    FilAmRep — National Federation of Filipino American Republicans
    FilAmRep-LosA — Filipino American Republicans of Los Angeles County
    FocFamAct — Focus on the Family Action
    GARepCom — Georgia Republican Committee
    GARtLf — Georgia Right to Life
    GeneseeRepCom — Genesee County Republican Executive Committee
    GermAmer — German American Nationgal Congress
    GunOwnAm — Gun Owners of America
    HaitianRepCoa — Haitian American Republican Coalition
    Heritage — The Heritage Foundation
    HumaneSoc — Humane Society of America
    IAFPE — Indian American Forum for Political Education
    IDFRW — Kootenai County, Idaho Federation of Republican Women
    IDRepCom-Boise — Republican Central Committee (Boise, ID)
    ILRepCom-Ver — Vermilion County, Illinois Republican Central Committee
    ILRepWomRnd — Illinois Republican Women’s Roundtable
    InfoTechIC — Information Technology Industry Council
    InnsCourt — Inns of Court
    Inst4TruAcc — Institute for Truth in Accounting
    IntlAssnLesGayJdges — International Association of Lesbian & Gay Judges
    IntlRepInst — International Republican Institute
    Irish4McCain — Irish for McCain
    IrishRep — Irish American Republicans
    Jaycees-NC — North Carolina Jaycees
    KofC — Knights of Columbus
    KSRtLf — Kansas Right to Life
    LABusInd — Louisiana Association of Business and Industry
    LADC — Louisiana Association of Defense Council
    LibEdFor — Liberty Education Forum
    LibRestProj — Liberty Restoration Project
    LincolnIBA — Lincoln Independent Business Association (NE)
    LogCabin — Log Cabin Republicans
    MARepCom — Massachusetts Republican Committee
    McCain08Fin — McCain 2008 CA Finance Committee
    McCainVicTm — McCain Victory Team
    McCainVicTm-MS — McCain Victory Team Mississippi
    MDFRW — Maryland Federation of Republican Women
    MDRepCom — Maryland GOP Executive Committee
    Mercatus — Mercatus Center
    MI15GOP — Michigan 15th District GOP Committee
    MI5GOP — Michigan 5th District Congressional Committee
    MilOffAsn — Military Officers Association of America
    MIRepCom — Michigan State GOP Committee
    MIRtLf — Michigan Right to Life
    MNFRW — Minnesota Federation of Republican Women
    Move4BetAm — Movement for a Better America
    MoveRed —
    NAACP — National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    NAM — National Association of Manufacturers
    NatBlckRepAssn — National Black Republican Association
    NatRepSenCom — National Republican Senatorial Committee
    NatRtLf — National Right to Life
    NatSherAssn — National Sherriff’s Association
    NavyResAsn — Naval Reserve Association
    NCFRW — North Carolina Federation of Republican Women
    NCRepCom — North Carolina Republican Executive Committee
    NCStEmpAssn — North Carolina State Employees Association
    NERepCom-Clay — Clay County, Nebraska Republican Committee
    NERepPAC — Nebraska Republican PAC
    NFIB — National Federation of Independent Business
    NFRW — National Federation of Republican Women
    NMFRW — New Mexico Federation of Republican Women
    NorSubRepFor — North Suburban Republican Forum (CO)
    NRA — National Rifle Association
    NRCC — National Republican Congressional Committee
    NtlForTdCn — National Foreign Trade Council
    NTU — National Taxpayers Union
    NTU-Solano — Solano County Taxpayers Association (CA)
    NYRepCom-CK — Country Knolls, New York Republican Committee
    NYRepCom-Ham — Hamilton County, New York Republican Committee
    OpChristChld — Operation Christmas Child
    OxFam — Oxfam
    Pachyderms — Pachyderm Club
    PacJustInst — Pacific Justice Institute
    PopConnect — Population Connection
    Presbyterian — Presbyterian Church in America (Elder)
    ProFamily — Pro-family
    PTA — Parent Teacher Association
    Realtors — National Association of Realtors
    RepCenCom-LA — Republican Central Committee (LA)
    RepCoalCau — Republican Coal Caucus
    RepEduCau — Republican Education Caucus
    RepExecComm-AL — Alabama Republican Executive Committee
    RepLibCauc — Republican Liberty Caucus
    RepMenClb — Republican Men’s Club
    RepNatHispAssy — Republican National Hispanic Assembly
    RepNatLawAsn — Republican National Lawyers Association
    RepNatLawAssn — Republican National Lawyers Association
    RepParCom-Laf — Lafayette, LA GOP Parish Committee
    Reps4EnvProt — Republicans for Environmental Protection
    RepTwnCom-MA — Plymouth, Massachusetts Republican Town Committee
    RepWomClb-Anch — Anchorage Republican Women’s Club
    RepWomConvAll — Republican Women’s Conservative Alliance
    RNC — Republican National Committee
    RonPaul-ElPaso — El Paso Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group
    RonReaClb-LongI — Long Island Ronald Reagan Republican Club
    Rotary — Rotary Club
    RufGrsSoc — Ruffed Grouse Society
    SaveKalwi — Save KaIwi Coast in Hawaii
    SierraClb — Sierra Club
    SIOR — Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
    SmallBusOwn — Small Business Owners
    SoBaptist — Southern Baptist Convention
    SonsLib — Sons of Liberty
    SonsLib-MN — Sons of Liberty (MN)
    SpecOlymp-MA — Special Olympics of Massachusetts
    Target Target
    Teamsters — International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    TechNet — TechNet
    TexMedAli — Texas Medical Alliance
    TexRepCom-Green — Tom Green County, Texas Republican Executive Committee
    TwinCitRep — Twin Cities Republican Association
    TXFRW — Texas Federation of Republican Women
    TXFRW-Hidalgo — Hidalgo County, Texas Federation of Republican Women
    TXPubPolFnd — Texas Public Policy Foundation
    TXRepExecCom — Texas State Republican Executive Committee
    TXRtLf — Texas Right to Life
    TXTeaPrtyRepWmn — Texas Tea Party Republican Women
    UnitedAmCom — United American Committee
    USChambCmr — US Chamber of Commerce
    Veterans — Veterans Organization
    VFW — Veterans of Foreign Wars
    VIFRW — Republican Women of the Virgin Islands
    WARepCom — Washington State GOP Committee
    WhitetailsUnl — Whitetails Unlimited
    WmnGov — Women in Government
    WmnOfVsn — Women of Vision
    Women — Women’s Organizations
    YoungReps — Young Republicans
    YoungReps-Houston — Houston Young Republicans
    YoungReps-MD — Prince Georges, Maryland Young Republicans

  • By Michael Heaney, July 16, 2009 @ 7:47 PM

    Thanks Alex! I hope that you are doing well.


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