OS Honors Graduates in 2014

Congratulations to the Organizational Studies Honors Graduates in 2014!


Right to Left: Hayley Sakwa, Emily Zacek, Christina Rowan, Kaitlin Keane, Eli Burstein.  In back: Michael Heaney.  Thanks to Denise Yekulis for taking the photo.

Quoted in USA Today College edition

Today I was quoted in a story in USA Today College edition about President Obama’s visit to Ann Arbor to promote a minimum wage hike. To make this even cooler, also quoted in the story was one of my undergraduate research assistants, Mira Friedlander. Mira had lunch with the president yesterday at Zingerman’s and introduced him before her speech, which means that she is now making the rounds by speaking to Wisconsin Public Radio and other media outlets. I think that we are seeing the beginnings of a star in the making! 


Students for Consent at Take Back the Night

Students for Consent is one of the project teams in for my class on Activism.  Its members include Alexandra Lawton, Kelsey Almony, Danielle Cipinko, Abigail Hirsch, Meredith Starkman, and Emily Grace.  Last night — April 2 — they solicited signatures for a petition at a Take Back the Night Rally.