Chen Liang Presents Joint Work at Yale University

I am so proud of Chen Liang, a University of Michigan undergraduate student, for her presentation at Yale University this week. She presented a poster based on our joint work, titled “From Offline to Online: Protesters at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.”


LSA / OS Honors Students Conduct Research in Washington, DC

LSA /OS Honors students Katherine Ruehrdanz and Rebecca Strauss conducted research┬áduring the Inauguration weekend in Washington, DC. Specifically, they conducted surveys at the Counter-Inaugural protests and the Women’s March on Washington. They were accompanied on the trip by Assistant Professor Michael Heaney. Both women are writing honors theses in Organizational Studies (OS).



Media Coverage about Inauguration Protests, Women’s March, and More

Here are the links to the media coverage that I’ve received in the last few weeks: