Gender Attitudes, Gendered Partisanship

Libby Sharrow, Dara Strolovitch, myself, Seth Masket, and Joanne Miller are pleased to announce the publication of our article “Gender Attitudes, Gendered Partisanship: Feminism and Support for Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton among Party Activists” today in the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy. The link is available here:

An ungated .PDF is available here:

Edwin Amenta Reviews Party in the Street

Fabio Rojas and I are truly grateful to Edwin Amenta for an exceptionally generous review essay on Party in the Street in the journal Contemporary Sociology. The title of the essay, “Raising the Bar for Scholarship on Protest and Politics”, gives you a sense of how kind he has been. An excerpt is available here:

The ungated full text is available here:

A Network Approach to Interest Group Politics

Please check out my new article, co-authored with James Strickland, titled “A Network Approach to Interest Group Politics” which appears in Oxford Handbooks Online (as part of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Political Networks). See:

An ungated version is available here: