Data Sets

student with protestor big

Replication materials for “Contributions by Interest Groups to Lobbying Coalitions”, Journal of Politics (April 2018).

Replication materials for “Gender Attitudes, Gendered Partisanship”, Journal of Women, Politics & Policy (November 2016).

Replication materials for “Unconventional Protests”, Research & Politics (October-December 2016).

Replication materials for “Hybrid Activism”, American Journal of Sociology (January 2014).

Replication materials for “Multiplex Networks”, Social Networks (January 2014).

Replication materials for “Coalition Portfolios and Interest Group Influence Over the Policy Process”, Interest Groups & Advocacy (October 2013).

Replication materials for “Building the Chicago School”, American Political Science Review (November 2006).

Replication materials for “Outside the Issue Niche”, American Politics Research (November 2004).

Additional data sets may be available upon request.