Surveying at the Women’s Convention

Here are some photos of students from my Advanced Research Team course taking a break from conducting surveys at the Women’s Convention last weekend. . Genevieve Harner, Brenda Vasconcelos-Ramirez, Madeline Martin, Gaby Roth, and Lizzy Marics.

LSA / OS Honors Students Conduct Research in Washington, DC

LSA /OS Honors students Katherine Ruehrdanz and Rebecca Strauss conducted research during the Inauguration weekend in Washington, DC. Specifically, they conducted surveys at the Counter-Inaugural protests and the Women’s March on Washington. They were accompanied on the trip by Assistant Professor Michael Heaney. Both women are writing honors theses in Organizational Studies (OS).



OS Honors Graduates in 2014

Congratulations to the Organizational Studies Honors Graduates in 2014!


Right to Left: Hayley Sakwa, Emily Zacek, Christina Rowan, Kaitlin Keane, Eli Burstein.  In back: Michael Heaney.  Thanks to Denise Yekulis for taking the photo.