Mediating Religion and Government

Congratulations to Elizabeth Oldmixon and Kevin R. den Dulk, whose co-edited book, Mediating Religion and Government, has just been published by Palgrave Macmillian. I had the honor of co-writing one of the chapters with Elizabeth, which is titled, “Political Rhetoric and Institutional Structures:
Religious Advocacy in the US Congress”. It is available for purchase here:  My contribution is available here:

The Networks Network — Wed., Nov. 12, 12:30pm-2pm — Scott Kalafatis

Scott Kalafatis presented “Network Location and Policy-Oriented Behavior: An Analysis of Two-Mode Networks of Coauthored Documents Concerning Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region” to the Networks Network on Wednesday, November 12, 12:30pm-2pm in the Walker Room.   This article was previously published in August 2012 in the Policy Studies Journal 40(3): 492–515, co-authored with Ken Frank, I-Chien Chen, Youngmi Lee,Tingqiao Chen, Yun-Jia Lo, and Maria Carmen Lemos.

Commentary on Midterm Elections

This morning, I was interviewed on CBC Windsor Morning radio about the Republican victories in yesterday’s midterm elections. Here is a link to the audio, which is about 6 minutes:

In a related story, I was quoted by AFP:;_ylt=AwrBEiShkllUSFwA2gfQtDMD

In another related story, I was quoted by Al-Jazeera:

The Networks Network — Wed., Nov. 5, 12:30pm-2pm — Zachary O’Keeffe

Zachary O’Keeffe will present “Connecting the Candidates: Consultant Networks and the Diffusion of Campaign Strategy in American Congressional Elections” today at 12:30pm-2pm to The Networks Network.  This article forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science (by Brendan Nyhan and Jacob M. Montgomery). The workshop will meet, as usual, in the Walker Room.