New article: “Activism in an Era of Partisan Polarization”

My new article, “Activism in an Era of Partisan Polarization” is forthcoming in the October 2017 issue of PS Political Science & Politics. It will appear in a symposium on civic engagement and activism in the changing political context in the United States. Many thanks so Maryam Z Deloffre and Carrie Booth Walling, who are editing the symposium. Read my article here:

New Media Cites on Protest During the Trump Administration

Here are some recent media stories that I was quoted in:


LSA / OS Honors Students Conduct Research in Washington, DC

LSA /OS Honors students Katherine Ruehrdanz and Rebecca Strauss conducted research during the Inauguration weekend in Washington, DC. Specifically, they conducted surveys at the Counter-Inaugural protests and the Women’s March on Washington. They were accompanied on the trip by Assistant Professor Michael Heaney. Both women are writing honors theses in Organizational Studies (OS).



Media Coverage about Inauguration Protests, Women’s March, and More

Here are the links to the media coverage that I’ve received in the last few weeks: