Veterans for Peace — Demonstration August 10, 2009

VFP DNC Action


1.  Event.  As a follow-on to the theme of the VFP National Convention “Moving from Hope to Action,” Veterans for Peace is coordinating a Direct Action to be held at 9:00 am in front of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) building, 430 South Capitol Street SE, on Monday 10 August.


2.  Purpose.  The purpose of this action is to send the Democratic Party a message that we are holding them accountable for the continuance and expansion of military conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.       Democrats told the public that they were helpless to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when they were in the minority.  They were elected to the majority in large part due to the support of voters who believed their pledge to bring American troops home.  Now, Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House, but instead of working to reduce our presence and participation in military conflict, they are doing just the opposite, by approving another $108 billion in “emergency” war supplemental spending, sharply increasing our military presence in Afghanistan, and using unmanned drones to kill dozens of people in Pakistan.  As veterans, we are particularly disturbed when Congressional leaders use the “Support the Troops” mantra to support continued funding for illegal and immoral war.

          We are targeting the DNC as an avenue to reach Congressional Democrats and the President to tell them that the policies of war and aggression were wrong under the Bush administration, and they are still wrong today.  Thousands of lives have been lost under a Democratically- controlled Congress, and now under a Democratic president.  The American people want an end to these conflicts–the Democratic pursuance and enabling of extended military conflict is a betrayal of our trust.


3.  Goal.  The goal of this action is to create a vehicle for expressing our extreme dissatisfaction with the Obama administration and the Congressional Democratic leadership with regard to its military policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Through the action, we hope to attract significant media attention to our positions. 


Michael T. McPhearson

Veterans For Peace

Executive Director

314 725-6005

peace: One step at a time.


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