Saturday Night Live Comes Up with a New Political Strategy for Health Care

The Rock Obama negotiates with key Senators:


Today’s New York Times has an articles on the lobbying efforts of AHIP and PhRMA.  See:

Health Reform Videos

Organizing for America is asking for feedback on 20 health care reform videos.  To view and vote, go here:

Network Data for Download

Some sources of network data on the Web are as follows:

1. Zeev Maoz:

2. National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health:

Links Summer Networks Workshop at the University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky runs a summer workshop on network anlysis.  Here is the link:

Networks Software

Here is some on-line software to analyze social networks:

1. UCINet, NetDraw, and E-net:

2. ORA:

3. SoNIA:

4. Pajek:


6. Siena:

7. Statnet:

8. Software by Carter Butts:

9. Network Workbench:

10. PNet:

11. Visone:

12. NodeXL:

13. CiteSpace:

14. NetMiner:

15. VOSON:

16. Clairlib:

17. Inkscape:

18. Orgnet:

Selective Incentive Theory to the Extreme

Fabio Rojas’s observations from an antiwar rally this weekend show us an example of selective incentive theory taken to the extreme.  See:

October 5 and 7 Protests in Washington, DC

An anti-war action, sponsored by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, was held at the White House on Monday, October 5.  Students for a Democratic Society led a “Funk the War” rally on Wednesday, October 7.  See the following links for coverage:




Arrests at G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh

Protesting the G20 in Pittsburgh

The Global Justice Movement and the anti-war movement combined forces in Pittsburgh.  See: